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Legacy Api (rest1)

Welcome to the T-Soft Legacy Api documentation hub!

What is the Legacy Api?

The Legacy Api is a RESTful API that allows you to perform administrative tasks on your store’s data. Using the Legacy Api, you can:

  • Add, update, and delete products, product images, variants, and collections.
  • Manage customer details and orders.
  • Get reports on sales and product availability.
  • Create and update customers, products, orders, and draft orders.
  • Manage inventory.
  • Manage store configuration.

Differences between new Admin Api and Legacy Api

Legacy ApiAdmin Api
Currently recommended forEveryone elseEarly adopters
Base URL/rest1/api/v3/admin
DocumentationLegacy ApiAdmin Api
SupportWill be available for at least one year after new API is finalizedOur new API will be supported for the forseeable future once released