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Customer Management

This section contains information about the Customers API.

Permissions required: customers:read , customers:write , customers:delete

Retrieve list of customers

Returns a list of customers.

GET /api/v3/admin/customers
params : {
    "page": 1,
    "limit": 10,
    "sort": "created_at",
    "filter[customerGroupId]": 1, 

Available filters:

  • id: Filter by customer id.
  • email : Filter by customer email.
  • customerGroupId : Filter by customer group id.

Available includes:

  • group: Includes customer group.

Retrieve a single customer

Returns a single customer.

GET /api/v3/admin/customers/{id}
params : {
    "include": "group"

Create a customer

The customer email must be unique. If you don't specify an email, the system will generate a random one.

For bulk customer creation, you can send multiple customers in a single request. The maximum number of customers per request is 100.

POST /api/v3/admin/customers

Update a customer

PUT /api/v3/admin/customers/{id}

Delete a customer

DELETE /api/v3/admin/customers/{id}