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Admin API require a valid bearer token.This document explains how to authorize access to an API using a Bearer Token.

A Bearer Token represents a type of access token used to authenticate a request. To obtain and use this token, you must have access permissions for a specific duration. The Bearer Token is transmitted in the Authorization header of an API request.

How to Obtain a Token?

To obtain a Bearer Token, follow these steps:

  1. Log In: Log in to the API with your credentials

  2. Retrieve the Bearer Token: After logging in, We will provide you with a Bearer Token. Safely store this token.

GET /api/v3/admin/auth/login
Host: - replace with your domain
Body : {
    "email": "",
    "password": ""

How to Use the Token

When making an API request, include your Bearer Token in the Authorization header as shown below:

GET /api/v3/admin/{endpoint}
Authorization : Berarer {token}

Replace token with the Bearer Token provided to you.

Token Expiration

The Bearer Token is valid for a limited time. The token expiration time is returned in the response to the login request. If the token expires, you must request a new token by following the steps above.

Token Security

Keep your Bearer Token confidential and avoid sharing it in insecure environments. If your Bearer Token is lost or compromised, immediately report it to the API provider and obtain a new token.